We provide both Pre Sales & Post Sales Support with excellent technical expertise to help customers in sharing technical help and implementing our solutions. This helps us penetrate to newer customers, address new segments even without any technical resources on their own. We help them spread their reach in the market, reduce risk, provide assurance to your clients and manage your business growth effectively.
Our engineers are certified and trained in the products we distribute. They undergo extensive training to cope with the latest technology and updates of all the products that our vendors introduced.
We try our best to cope with the business demands of our customers. We also provide standby and loaner unit to our customers so that they don’t face the downtime. We Help customers cope with the expectations and understanding their requirement. We also propose solutions, trouble shooting and maintenance. We provide tailored support to our customers based on their demand include 8x5x4 or 24x7 on site support and maintenance service.
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Tel: +65 6100-8772