Our Products


AccessData customers leverage the world’s most advanced and intuitive incident resolution solutions for Cybersecurity, E-Discovery and Digital Forensics. AccessData’s ResolutionOne™ Platform integrates network, endpoint and malware analysis, threat intelligence and remediation capabilities into a single solution. Built on the same battle tested and highly regarded FTK forensic processing core, the process of e-discovery with AccessData is an integrated approach with modular components that never lock a user into a single solution. From the lone wolf digital researcher to the largest processing and analysis labs in existence, AccessData has the right Digital Forensics Solutions for the challenge.

BEYONDTRUST is the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM), empowering organisation to secure and manage their entire universe of privileges. Our integrated products and platform offer the industry's most advanced PAM solution, enabling organisations to quickly shrink their attack surface across traditional, cloud and hybrid environments.

The BeyondTrust Universal Privilege Management approach secures and protects privileges across passwords, endpoints, and access, giving organizations the visibility and control they need to reduce risk, achieve compliance, and boost operational performance. We are trusted by 20,000 customers, including 70% of Fortune 500, and a global partner network.

BORLAND delivers end-to-end SDLC management.  The quality assurance (QA) tools provide test management, functional testing and performance testing.

Checkmarx Suite is the most powerful Source Code Analysis (SCA) solution designed for identifying, tracking and fixing security flaws from the root: the source code. Ability to scan non compiled code – allows simple scan setup, without the need to contact and communicate with the developing teams in order to obtain the different project components (DLL’s, JAR’s, libraries etc.)


 CLOUDFLARE mitigates ddos attacks, provides web application firewall and also  services content delivery network that improves website performance and speed.


 Druva set out to create a new kind of data protection that could handle the fast growing demands of end user mobility while reducing IT's workload. inSync is that solution, providing a fully-integrated, easy-to-use platform for enterprise-wide data protection and governance.

 eEye makes vulnerability and compliance management easier. Having developed one of the first vulnerability scanners on the market, eEye built on that foundation for more than a decade to provide full vulnerability lifecycle management in a single solution: Retina. Retina is the only unified solution that centralizes vulnerability and compliance management, integrating assessment, mitigation, protection, and reporting into a complete offering. Plus, Retina provides data warehousing capabilities and optional add-on modules for configuration compliance and regulatory reporting, and integrated patch management.
LANCOPE leverages NetFlow, IPFIX and other types of flow data to deliver complete visibility across distributed enterprise networks for early threat detection like DDoS, APT. 
McAfee combines advanced web security, controls, and deployment flexibility. The control of an onsite solution with McAfee Web Gateway, the ease of Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) management with McAfee SaaS Web Protection, or a hybrid combination of the two, McAfee Web Protection empowers you to deploy web security the way that best fits your current and future needs.
 SendQuick is a brand of TalariaX founded by a team of professionals with vast experience and expertise in the convergence of communications media, namely, the Internet, paging and mobile messaging (SMS). Comparing the myriad of communication platforms that is so pervasive and available to the general public, Short Messaging Service (SMS) stands out in its mass appeal, cost effectiveness and interactivity.
SOPHOS makes security looks simple through Network,Enduser and Server Protection. It allow you to secure every end point of your network, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices.

Tripwire deliver reports and alerts into operational systems like change management databases, ticketing systems, patch management and security solutions including SIEMS, malware detection and risk and analytics.